Monday, 18 April 2011

I'm a stepping stone.
All 3 guys I've been with have since found beautiful new girls within barely any time at all of breaking up with me.

Guy 1 wasn't a real boyfriend, we "went out" when I was thirteen. But shortly after we "broke up", he went off to uni and started going out with a very pretty girl.

Guy 2 was my first real boyfriend, we went out for over a year and within 2 months of us breaking up he found an unbelievably gorgeous new girl. (I hate that it's affecting me so badly.)

Guy 3 was never my boyfriend, but he was definitely my other half. He moved away and now he has a perfect girlfriend. He had the decency to tell me before he actually started going out with her though. So I'm not upset. I know we'll be together one day.


So, boys - hook up with me and then at least 2 months later, you will find a much better girl. Guaranteed. I'll be providing you with a service. I'm your passport to better things. x

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