Friday, 29 April 2011

I'm in for a posh weekend.

Gloucestershire, Bath, Sunningdale, Ascot. Yeah, people tease me because I'm from Ascot but believe me, compared to my old friends who still live there I'm a dirty commoner. Don't forget I'm half Australian too. I should really be shot when I return to County Posh.

So I'm going to my godfather's wife's 40th birthday party. Which means I have to stand around for several hours (in high heels) drinking nothing but champagne and cramming as many tiny goats' cheese tarts as I can manage into my mouth; listening to old people telling me over and over again how tall I am and how much I look like my mum. Nothing ever changes.

I've started "blogging" quite frequently recently, and I'm not sure what a whole weekend without access to a computer will be like. What if I need to vent, or sob over unrequited love? (not that I do that...)

I wish everyone would stop talking about THE DRESS... x

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