Sunday, 20 February 2011

I have long hair...

... According to all the people I saw last night that I haven't seen since school.
"Wow Grace, you look so different! Your hair is so long!"
"Love your hair Gracie!"
"I swear you used to have a bob, Grace?"
Also, there were references made to my latest "developments".
But we won't go there.

Isn't it every girl's secret dream to walk (no, strut) into a buzzing party packed with people who looked down on her, girls who picked on her and guys who rejected her, all dressed up and looking like a far cry from the shy, bushy-haired geek she once was? This is as close to a school reunion as I'll get, so I made the most of it.

Oh, and that guy who rejected me, way back when? Guess who got rejected this time?

Feeling bitchy now. Basically, I had an amazing night with old friends and new friends, avoided the nasty folks and finally had some fun. I took my leggings off within 10 minutes of being there, downed a couple of shots with the girls and we got up on the stage and danced like crazy.

Good night. x

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