Thursday, 24 February 2011

I can't wait to turn eighteen.

To buy alcohol, cigarettes, fireworks and solvents, get married without my parents' permission, go to a club, get a tattoo, change my name, donate blood, own a weapon, get benefits and rent a house?

No. Because I'll be spending my eighteenth birthday in Australia. Spending the day at Seaworld, having dinner at Kurrawa surf club with my crazy family, going out in the evening with my cousins - and my parents have promised to get me a beautiful digital SLR camera.

The best part is, I won't be here. x

I've got 2 new PostSecret books.

...And I'm addicted. x

Sunday, 20 February 2011

I have long hair...

... According to all the people I saw last night that I haven't seen since school.
"Wow Grace, you look so different! Your hair is so long!"
"Love your hair Gracie!"
"I swear you used to have a bob, Grace?"
Also, there were references made to my latest "developments".
But we won't go there.

Isn't it every girl's secret dream to walk (no, strut) into a buzzing party packed with people who looked down on her, girls who picked on her and guys who rejected her, all dressed up and looking like a far cry from the shy, bushy-haired geek she once was? This is as close to a school reunion as I'll get, so I made the most of it.

Oh, and that guy who rejected me, way back when? Guess who got rejected this time?

Feeling bitchy now. Basically, I had an amazing night with old friends and new friends, avoided the nasty folks and finally had some fun. I took my leggings off within 10 minutes of being there, downed a couple of shots with the girls and we got up on the stage and danced like crazy.

Good night. x

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