Thursday, 2 September 2010


I'm back! (not that anyone missed me).

I've just read a few of my boyfriend's blog entries, and they're gorgeous. I've got myself a keeper there! In fact, I've managed to keep him for about 351 days...! :)

I've just had a day of subject reviews at college - they were all good, except one. The last one. Typical. I'm trying to focus on my first review for Drama, when my lovely teacher said things like "you're one of the few people I teach who can actually ACT," and "you're going to kick some arse next year!" What a babe she is.

The best wordless compliment you can ever have is a guy walking past you, giving you a massive smile, then turning back to look at you as he walks away...

Driving lesson on Saturday!

I'm growing up. That's all. x

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