Monday, 8 March 2010

I am French-Australian-English. Okay?

I just got back from one of the best holidays ever.

Je pense que les vacances avec mes amis sont les meilleures vacances jamais ... Parce que ma famille me gênent un peu, peut-être? Probablement. Ou parce qu'il ya une planification moins obsessionnel, et beaucoup rit plus.

Speaking French the entire time was exhausting; translating everything the family said to me in my head, formulating replies, saying them, translating their responses to my replies... ARGHH.
But my days out with the Francais Crew were the best. Rouen, Paris... Le Gros Horloge, le Tour d'Eiffel, l'Arc de Triomphe, les Champs Elysees... J'adore ♥

I'll be moving there one day. Paris for Gracie. I'll drag some friends along maybe, and we'll buy a 3-storey house together in Saint-Saëns by the clock tower and 'la mellieur boulangerie', with a psychadelic bathroom and kitchen cupboards full of traditional and delectable French pastries.
Quite a plan, eh? I make these all the time.
Au revoir mes belles,
Je t'aime.
Bangles x
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