Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Another short post. People nowadays can't bear to sit down and read anything longer than one scroll of the page. It's a shame...

Tonight was a night of plan-making. My early Valentine's Day date and sleepover, my day tomorrow, and a particularly magical day in the near future. *happy sigh*

I've been thinking recently how I seem to have certain friends that I talk to about certain things... There are some friends I wouldn't dare discuss intimate things with, and others I will happily gossip and swap intimate stories with. For example, my very best friend and I have only just started talking to each other about sex - but with one of my friends from college, who I've only known since September, I can talk to about VERY dirty things with absolute ease.

I don't know if anyone else has the same kinds of friendships... Let me know maybe :)

Still saving for that dress, and I am VERY happy that the (wonderful) boyfriend is ordering a Fitch shirt sometime soon. I will be following him around for days and days after it arrives, sniffing him like crazy. A&F clothes have a beautiful smell. So do Hollister ones. Yum. Or maybe I could just take his shirt - that way I'd have the view of his chest, AND the cuddly A&F smell. Win-Win for Moi :)

Okay, signing off for now.
Much love,
Bangles x

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  1. Hi, Looks like your blog is moving along well. Just keep being your self, post about the things you care about, search for blogs that share your interests, visit them and be sure to leave comments to them. Soon you will have followers at you blog door and make some good friends. Is the above photo a photo of your home? Blessings. Dee


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